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Advanced Manufacturing Centre

Division Head

  • Dr. Sudip Kumar SamantaPh.D (I I T Kharagpur), M.Tech

    Principal Scientist

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    Qualification: Ph.D (I I T Kharagpur), M.Tech

    Specialisation: Manufacturing Science

    Phone: +91-343-6452147 / +91-343-2605807

    Email: sudip[at]cmeri[dot]res[dot]in


  • Dr. Aditya Kr. LoharB.E. (NIT Rourkela), M.Tech (I I T Kharagpur), Ph.D (I I T Kharagpur)

    Principal Scientist

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    Qualification: B.E. (NIT Rourkela), M.Tech (I I T Kharagpur), Ph.D (I I T Kharagpur)

    Specialisation: Material Processing Technology

    Phone: +91-343-6452129

    Email: aklohar[at]cmeri[dot]res[dot]in

  • Mr. Rajpal SinghB.E. ( Mechanical ), MBA, Ph.D (Pursuing)

    Senior Scientist

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    Qualification: B.E. ( Mechanical ), MBA, Ph.D (Pursuing)

    Specialisation: Manufacturing Technology,Development of Industrial and Agricultural Machines,Prototype Development using Conventional & Non-Conventional Machines, CAD/CAM, CNC, Precision Manufacturing & Metrology, Foundry work etc.

    Phone: +91-343-6452168

    Email: rajpal_singh[at]cmeri[dot]res[dot]in

Technical Staffs

Other Staffs

Service Name Description Service Type
Conventional machines (Lathe, Milling, Drilling & Grinding) Calibration instruments / Testing Charges (Rs.) Conventional machines (Lathe, Milling, Drilling & Grinding) 550.00 Testing/Calibration
ACE LT-20 Calibration instruments / Testing Charge (Rs.) ACE LT-20 (CNC Lathe) 1000.00 Testing/Calibration
ELEKTRA R-50ZNC Name of Instrument Charge (Rs.) ELEKTRA R-50ZNC (EDM Die Sinking) 1000.00 Testing/Calibration
MAGIC WAVE-3000 Name of Instrument Charge (Rs.) MAGIC WAVE-3000 (ACDC TIG COME MMA WELDING SYSTEM) 1400.00 Testing/Calibration
Schaublin-125CCN RT-M Calibration instruments / Testing Charge (Rs.) Schaublin-125CCN RT-M (CNC  Turning Center) 1600.00 Testing/Calibration
DGM-150H Name of instruments Charge (Rs.) DGM-150H (Plastic Injection Molding Machine) 1200.00 Testing/Calibration
MIKRON VCP710 Calibration instruments / Testing Charge (Calib./Testing) (Rs.) MIKRON VCP710 (CNC  Vertical machining Center) 1600.00 Testing/Calibration
MCV-350 Calibration instruments / Testing Charge (Calib./Testing) (Rs.) MCV-350 (CNC Vertical Machining Center ) 1110.00 Testing/Calibration
LASER system with Robot Calibration instruments / Testing Charge (Calib./Testing) (Rs.) LASER system with Robot 2000.00 Testing/Calibration
ELEKTRA SUPERCUT-634 Calibration instruments / Testing Charge (Calib./Testing) (Rs.) ELEKTRA SUPERCUT-634 (Wire- EDM) 1000.00   Testing/Calibration
GS 43S Calibration instruments / Testing Charge (Calib./Testing) (Rs.) GS 43S (Wire EDM) 1450.00   Testing/Calibration
Thermal Analyser
Facility Type:
Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) along with Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS)
Co-ordinate Measuring Machine F 1006
Facility Type:
Optical Microscope with Image analyzer
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