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Environmental Engineering Group

Scientists in Environmental Engineering Group are involved in R&D activity in the field of removal of contaminants like iron, fluoride, arsenic from groundwater, arsenic sludge disposal, waste disposal (plastic, tyre, etc.) through pyrolysis, catalytic pyrolysis etc. We have developed different types of plant/filter for removal of water bound contaminants and implemented at the different villages.


Research & Development in the following areas:-

  • Water purification
  • Sludge disposal
  • Plasticwaste disposal & energy recovery
  • Pyrolysis

Division Head


  • Dr. Asit Kumar BatabyalM.Sc.; M.S.; Ph.D.; Auditor (QMS)

    Principal Scientist

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    Qualification: M.Sc.; M.S.; Ph.D.; Auditor (QMS)

    Specialisation: (i) Quality Management, (ii) Environment Management, (iii) Coal Geology/Coal Survey

    Phone: +91-343-6452164 / +91-343-2548365

    Email: ak_batabyal[at]cmeri[dot]res[dot]in

  • Dr. Swarup Ranjan DebbarmaPh.D; M.E (Structures); B.Tech (Civil Engg.)

    Principal Scientist

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    Qualification: Ph.D; M.E (Structures); B.Tech (Civil Engg.)

    Specialisation: STRUCTURES

    Phone: 0343-6510327 / 0343-2531023

    Email: srd[at]cmeri[dot]res[dot]in

Technical Staffs


Rishyaprava Chatterjee

Project Staff

Shantanu Nandi

Project Staff

Bhaskar Bishayee

Project Staff

Papia Sarkar

Project Staff

Prasanta Mandal

Project Staff

  • Developed community level Improved Iron Removal Plant (capacity ~800 L/hr.) for supply of iron free water to the rural people
  • Developed plasticwaste disposal reactor along with the fuel oil & gas recovery (15 kg. batch type reactor)
  • Developed process for safe disposal of arsenic sludge generated from arsenic removal plant
  • Developed domestic fluoride removal filter
Organization Name Address Country
Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals of Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS) Rozvojova 2/135 CZ-165 02 Prague 6 - Suchdol Czech Republic CZ CZE
National Research Council, (CNR) Piazzale Aldo Moro,7 - 00185, Roma, Italia IT ITA
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Last updated : 20 Dec, 2017