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Electrostatic Nozzle for Agricultural Applications

To develop an Electrostatic Nozzle for Agri-chemical Applications

Project Number:
GAP026712, P2
Project Type:
Project Date:
20/11/2009 to 31/10/2017
Cost of the Project:
Rs. 97.68 Lakhs
Sponsoring Agency:

The application of pesticide is still one of the most frequently used method to protect crop and tree against diseases and insects in agriculture. Over-dosage of pesticide is common in most countries, and its application leads to many problems such as chemical wastage and environmental pollution from spray drift. The application of chemicals through electrostatic spray system is being claimed to be simple, safer, and easy to use without any material losses and increasing the deposition characteristics of spray and also for bringing many improvement environmental and cost saving benefits.

Last updated : 20 Oct, 2017