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Current Size: 100%

10-12 HP Small Tractor ‘KrishiShakti’

Type:  Product
IPR Status:  Trademark
Secured In:  India

Farming & Transportation

Salient Technical Competing Features: 
  • Small, compact and easily maneuverable tractors
  • Perfect for small size lands
  • Low cost tractor
  • Lower operational cost
Status of Commercialization:  Technology has been transferred to M/s. Singha Components, Howrah on non-exclusive basis and they are in process of commercializing the same
Major Raw Materials To Be Utilized :  Structural steel, Cast Iron, sheet metal, Tyres, tubes, rim etc.
Techno Economic:  It depends on number of production. However if the number of production is 2000 per year, production cost is Rs. 1.8 lakh per tractor and selling price may be Rs. 2.2 lakh per tractor.
Technology Package:  Manufacturing drawings, Technical documents cum operation manual
Content Details: 

Copyright on Manufacturing drawings and Technical document copyright, Trademark for “krishiShakti”

Received copyright for drawings of Gear box (Ref. No. IPMG/Copyright/2005-06/3) Front axle assembly (Ref. No. IPMG/Copyright/2006-07/10) and Technical documents (Ref. No. IPMG/Copyright/2006-07/9)

Received trademark of “krishiShakti” (Ref. No. IPMG/TM/2006-07/1)

Level/Scale of Development:  Prototype developed and Tested at Laboratory level. Received CMVR certificate from CFMTTI, Budni

Last updated : 20 Oct, 2017