A fixture to hold plates of varying sizes at different angles between them, for welding, using two breadboards and hydraulic cylinder

Inventors:  Rakesh Padhi (1028) Shitanshu Chakraborty (1465) Palash Maji (351)


Clamping of plates of varying size and shape, during manufacturing processes like welding, often requires dedicated fixtures. Their fabrication consumes huge time, material and energy. Here, a fixture has been developed using two breadboards and a hydraulic cylinder for clamping two plates of varying sizes for welding. Evenly spaced threaded holes all over the breadboards facilitate clamping as well as locating plates of varying sizes. A manually operated hydraulic cylinder rotates one of the breadboard relative to the other (in both forward and reverse directions). This creates the desired angle between the plates held onto the breadboards. The breadboards are made up of magnetic stainless steel so as to be prevent corrosion and to have the ability to attach further fixtures having magnetic attachments. A digital inclinometer is attached (with the help of magnets at its base) to the rotating breadboard to see its angle relative to the stationary one.

Application Number:  201911013813

Filing Date:  05/04/2019

Patent Type:  Filed