Surface Engineering and Tribology

The main goal at Surface Engineering and Tribology Group is to steer the development of technology from the advances in science and engineering research carried out through collaborative and innovative mode of research in science and engineering. The group is comprised of interdisciplinary team of Engineers & Scientists from having Mechanical Engineering, Electronics Engineering and Material/Chemical Science background. The efforts are still in nascent stages; however, some of the developed technologies have transferred to industry.

Currently we have 8 Scientists, 1 DST INSPIRE Faculty Fellow, 3 SERB Post Doc, 24 PhD Scholars and 5 Technical Staffs

This group provides a platform in emerging frontiers of Nanoscience and Engineering for masters’ level students for carrying out research leading to PhD degree awarded by Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR), New Delhi.

Research Focus:

  • Graphene based Ultracapacitor
  • Foil and Gas bearings
  • Nano-lubricants & composite coatings
  • Micro / nano scale manufacturing systems
  • Large scale graphene oxide production
  • Synthesis of new molecules for sensors applications

These research activities are augmented by the state of art and well equipped experimental facilities, mostly designed and developed by CSIR-CMERI.

Testing Services

We undertake different technical services based on the needs of industry including testing. The used oil analysis is the technical services this group is catering for machine health monitoring.

Some R&D Projects:

  • Graphene Ultracapacitor Module to integrate with Electrical Power Supply for Hybrid Unmanned Ground Vehicle and other Pulse Applications (DRDO)
  • Synthesis of Single Layer Graphene & Polymer Nano-Composite (DST)
  • Design and Development of Multi Material Deposition (MMD) system (DST)
  • Design and Development of Hollow Crankshaft for Automobile(Indo-German project)
  • Low level Fluoride detection by cost effective chemosensor along with the mitigation of excess fluoride from different water resources by using naturally abundant indigeneous adsorption material
  • Design and development of electro hydrodynamic ink jet printing system(DST)
  • Developing manufacturing technology of graphene based polymer composite for mechanically stable and thermally durable automotive components(DST)
  • Developing an Optimum Thrust Pads, Bushes, and Shaft Design of a Multistage Submersible Water Pump for "SMART " Applications(DHI)
  • Graphene based Aqueous lubricants(CSIR-FTT)


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Projects List:  Development of Aluminium alloy feedstock for manufacturing of components by Metal Injection Molding (MIM) process route Development of Novel Nano-Fluids as ultimate Industrial coolant and Lubricant Developmental Studies of 5 KW Gas Turbine Compressor Set Chemistry Relevant to Utilization of CO2 for Sustainable Development Involving Coordination Complexes as Catalyst Preliminary studies on development of Foil Bearing Preliminary Studies on Layer by Layer Texturing for Improved Hydrophobicity Measuring Progression of Wear in Wire Drawing Process using Acoustic Emission Technique Analysis of Tribological Surfaces using Acoustic signals for Evaluation of Wear Preliminary Investigation on Dip Pen Nanolithography Surface coating of nylon and stainless steel using graphene-based composite materials (1st Phase) Improvement and deployment of developed defluoridation module for domestic uses- to be placed in Saldaha, Dhabuni, Balia, Kanglapahari, Madhabpur and Asanjola villages of the Birbhum district in West Bengal Synthesis of single layer graphene and its polymer nanocomposites for the fabrication of a high performance flexible electrode Development of Technology for Safe Disposal of Municipal Solid Waste utilising high temperature plasma Design and Development of Hollow Crankshaft for Automobiles (DNDHCSA) Diagnosis of salivary fluoride level by suitable chemosensor Manufacturing Process for developing the Automotive Parts using Graphene Based Polymer Nanocomposites Design & development of Multi-Material Deposition (MMD) System Structural Spectroscopic and catalytic reactivity studies of coordination complexes containing redox noninnocent Ligands Design and Development of technology for safe disposal of hospital waste through electric arc plasma Surface coating of nylon and stainless steel using graphene-based composite materials (2nd Phase) Investigation of Degradation of Hydraulic oil in Hydraulic power steering Preliminary Investigation on Water and Organic Dispersion of Graphene-Based Die Lubricants for Hot Forging Application Micro Actuator of Magnetic - Fluid Enabled deformable mirror for retinal imaging adaptive optics system Design and Development of Automated Rolling Element Bearing Testing Stand Micro/Nano-Scale Surface Patterning Graphene-Based Rechargeable Energy Storage Micro Device Development of Rolling Element Bearing Standards for Aerospace Applications Concept and Design of Nanolubrication for Sensors, Actuators and MEMS Devices EHD Ink Jet Printing Magnetically Levitated Contactless Bearings for Miniaturized/ Microdevices Tunable Nanolubrication with Nanofluids for Meso-Micro Mechanical System Development of High Speed Bearings for Micro/Meso Scale Machine Tools Self Assembled Organic and Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs): Towards exploration of new functional materials having improved sensing property Facility:  FTIR RAMAN / AFM / SNOM Automatic Viscometer with TAN/TBN Nanoparticle Size Analyzer with Zeta Potential Video Based Contact Angle Goniometer Micro and Macro pin/ball on disc tribometer Four Ball Tester Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer Ferrogram Maker and Wear Particle Analyzer Surface Analyzer UV – Vis Spectrophotometer Luminescence Spectrometer Electrospray ionization - Mass Spectrometer (ESI – MS) Room Temperature Magnetic Measurement Cyclic Voltammeter and Corrosion inhibition study Collaboration:  Chonbuk National University Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology IWU Bharta Forge Sona Koyo Steering Tata Bearings Sona BLW Precision forgings Ltd TATA Steel Division Head E-mail: Research Area:  Industrial and Technical Consultancy Manufacturing & Material Processing Engineering Design & Analysis Energy & Environment Service List:  Surface Analyzer ESI-MS Cyclic Voltammeter Room Temperature Magnetic Measurements Fluorimeter UV-Vis Gas Chromatography – Mass Spectometry PerkinElmer Spectrum Oil Express System Ferrogram Maker and Wear Particle Analyzer Spectro-Visc Automatic Viscometer with TAN/TBN Video Based Contact Angle Goniometer Nano particle Size Analyzer with Zeta Potential Tabletop Low Load Friction and Wear Monitor Gas Chromatograph (Chemito) UV-Vis Spectrometry Hyper Flash Diffusivity Testing Apparatus FE-SEM + EDX SNOM / AFM RHEOMETER FE-SEM Fluorescence (LS-45) Four ball tester Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer Micro and Macro pin/ball on disc tribometer RAMAN Spectroscopy (02 samples) Division Head:  Naresh Murmu (1171) Scientist:  Aditya Lohar (1046) Samik Dutta (1290) Priyabrata Banerjee (1357) Santu Giri (1359) Pranab Samanta (1366) Phani Mallisetty (1392) Tapas Kuila (1473) Raghu Selvaraj (1552) Technical Staff:  Siddheswar Sen (1208) Arabinda Sarkar (1373) Bipul Kumar (1404) Tripty Maity (1441) Subhasis Biswas (1448) Others:  Project Staff/Research Scholar Belongs To:  Director Department category:  R & D Groups