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Plasma Arc assisted Safe Disposal of Hospital Solid Waste Disposal Plant

Type:  Equipment
IPR Status:  Patent
Secured In:  India

Safe disposal of Hospital Solid Waste (HSW) with zero or very low toxic emission is one of the most concerning issues to our universe. In this regard, high temperature electric plasma arc assisted HSW disposal plant is perhaps the most viable solution for safe disposal of generated hospital waste in an eco-friendly way. This technology has prolific efficiency in waste volume reduction (~ 99%) with minimum level toxin emission.

Salient Technical Competing Features: 
  • High temperature (>3000°C) plasma arc assisted eco-friendly disposal of HSW with high level waste destruction efficiency (~ 99 %)
  • The system comprises of an additional secondary HSW treatment chamber for complete combustion of flue gases and destruction of pathogens like contaminants
  • A unique gas purification system is implemented for remediation of toxic emissions before its final emission through chimney 
  • The level of toxin emission from HSW treatment plant lies below the CPCB standard of toxic gases emission
  • This plasma assisted HSW destruction process route of hospital waste destruction methodology is safe, hygienic, efficient and easy to control
Environmental Consideration: 
  • Utilization of high temperature plasma arc helps to destroy the hazardous microbial contaminated HSW with higher volume reduction efficiency
  • In comparison to the conventional techniques, application of plasma arc assisted technology is a greener approach which reduces the toxin emission drastically within the permissible limit as regulated by CPCB, India
  • This technology is one of the viable solutions towards safe, hygienic and eco-friendly disposal of  HSW
Status of Commercialization:  Under active progression
Major Equipments:  Plasma gasifier, Secondary chamber, Plasma electrode, Gas cleaning unit is comprised of redox reactor, catalytic converter, scrubber, condenser, booster drive, Chimney
Techno Economic:  For developing the 15 kg/h plant, an amount of Rs. 30 lakhs is required for procurement of accessories and a recurring amount of Rs. 10 lakhs is required for annual maintenance.
Technology Package:  The package will include: Detail drawing of each component of the HSW disposal system. A compete lay out of the integrated system comprised of plasma gasifier, secondary chamber, gas handling system, chimney. Quantity of Materials and their specifications
Content Details: 

Presently, a bigger plant has also been engineered designed and development with 1ton per day (1 TPD) capacity for implementation at site is under progress.

It would

  • Provide a scope of energy generation from the produced gas
  • Create a healthy atmosphere in terms of socio-ecological impact and open a way of sustainable Hospital Solid Waste management
  • Facilitate cleaner and greener waste management system in order to eradicate the burden of the society
Level/Scale of Development:  Capacity of the plasma gasifier of existing HSW plant: 15 kg/h. The technology has been successfully deployed and running smoothly with a capacity of 15kg/hr load capacity and installed at CSIR-CMERI premises.

Last updated : 10 Jan, 2019