Material and Structural Evaluation Group

Material and Structural Evaluation Group is Equipped with state –of-the test facility in the area of Destructive and Non destructive testing.

The Group has a long record of service to different Industries throughout the Country including Blue Chip Public Sector Organization (viz NTPC, IOC,DVC, Coal India etc)

Section Activities: 

The NABL accredited facilities of the group in the domain of Mechanical and Fatigue Testing is among the few laboratories in the country.

The Group is formed to provide continuous support to different Power, Steel and Petrochemical Industries to access the condition and stability of structures and equipment bases. The Scientists and Technical officers of the group have the expertise in residual life assessment of structures, Finite element modeling and stress analysis, fatigue testing, analysis of engineering components and industrial structures by use of sophisticated scientific instruments and software.

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Beneficiary Industries:

NTPC, NSPCL, Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL), Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC), Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL), Coal India Limited, National Aluminium Corporation Limited.(NALCO), Vedanta Vizag General Cargo Berth Pvt. Ltd.

Facility:  Calibration of Force Proving Instrument NABL Accredited Low cycle and High Cycle fatigue Testing Rotating Bending Fatigue Testing NABL Accredited Tensile Testing Bend- Re Bend test Compression Testing Wire Rope Testing Ultrasonic pulse velocity measurements (concrete) Crack depth measurement in concrete structures Rebound hammer testing Vibration measurement of structures In-Situ Cover testing of concrete structure In-Situ Thickness measurement In-Situ Carbonation Depth Measurement Banner Images:  Division Head E-mail: Research Area:  Industrial and Technical Consultancy Manufacturing & Material Processing Service List:  Compressive strength of cement Aggregate Crushing value Sieve Analysis of stone chips Chemical Composition of structural Steel and Reinforcement bars Water Absorption test Re-Bend Test Bend Test High cycle fatigue testing Fracture properties of material J1C Fracture properties of material K1C Crushing Strength of Paver Block Calibration Facilities Available In-situ Scientific Services Non Destructive Testing Equipment Tensile Test Proving Ring Low Cycle Fatigue Test Crushing Strength of Concrete Cube Crushing Strength of Bricks Achievement: 

The group ventured into new challenging areas of  testing (High cycle fatigue testing of bolt fastner, Rotating bending fatigue test, rope testing etc) and industrial services (Robust refinery structures, solution for failed silos, high temperature exposed converter structures etc.

Division Head:  Swarup Debbarma (1082) Scientist:  Debashis Das (1294) Biswajit Ruj (279) Abhijit Chatterjee (42) Admin Staff:  Jhuma Dutta (1011) Technical Staff:  Sumanta Chatterjee (1199) Dayamay Bouri (1344) Sumanta Banerjee (1347) Amit Chandra (1378) Arup Saha (1433) Aparajita Nath (1507) Department Image:  Belongs To:  Director Department category:  R & D Groups