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Design & development of Multi-Material Deposition (MMD) System

Project Number:
Project Type:
Project Date:
26/03/2013 to 31/03/2017
Cost of the Project:
Sponsoring Agency:
Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi

Design and development of Multi-Material Deposition (MMD) system with the sub objectives:
i. Development of improved control system for controlling flow of powder, laser process parameters etc., for improved accuracy and surface finish.
Ii. Direct slicing of CAD Model instead of slicing STL (Stereo Lithography file format) to eliminate the error propagation in the manufactured parts.
iii. Selective exploratory use of binding and debinding materials for finer metallic particle to avoid clogging in the nozzle and reduce feature size.
iv. Investigation of multi-phase flow (gas and powder) for understanding the transportation and transfer in coaxial nozzle to improve metal powder delivery system.
v. Investigation of laser-material interaction and optimize the process parameters.
vi. Multi-material depositions in controlled environments for production of functionally graded materials and its characterization.

PI Members:
Dr. Asimava Roy Choudhury
Name of PI: Dr. Aditya Kr. Lohar

Last updated : 12 Jan, 2017