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  • Multi-Fab Micro Fabrication Machine

    IPR Status: Design

  • Intelligent and Powered Wheel Chair

    IPR Status: Design

  • Production of ethanol from waste starchy biomass using locally available biocatalyst

    IPR Status: Others

  • Prismatic Solar Tree (1kWp)

    IPR Status: Design

  • Disposal of Municipal Solid Waste utilizing high temperature Plasma

    IPR Status: Copyright

    Level/Skill of Department: Technology Readiness Level, TRL-7. Technology already demonstrated & licensed to one Indian Industry on non-exclusive basis for commercialization.

    Major raw materials to be utilized : Major components: Shredder, Inclined Bucket Conveyor, Plasma Cracker, Plasma Torch, Catalytic Convertor, Redox Reactor, Scrubber, Condenser, Induced draft fan, compressor, Gas holder, Gas Engine etc. Complete steel structure fabricated using Mild Steel

    Status of commercialization: Technology transferred to M/s Positronics Innovation Pvt. Ltd, Kolkata, WB.

    Techno-economic: Safe disposal of solid waste without generating toxins for atmospheric pollution is the main objective of this development. It also produces electric power at the rate of 7 KW from 25 Kg/h MSW input

    Technology package: Technical Information containing process flow, detail Engineering, components specifications, operation and maintenance details, troubleshooting etc.

    TRL: TRL 7

  • Large Scale Production of Graphene Oxide

    IPR Status: Patent

    Level/Skill of Department: 200 g/batch

    Major raw materials to be utilized : Natural flake graphite (preferably 100 mesh), sulphuric acid, potassium permanganate, hydrogen peroxide, hydrochloric acid.

    Major Equipments: Mechanical stirrer, Glass reactor (customized design), distilled water plant, freeze dryer

    Techno-economic: Graphene Electronics Market worth $1512.10 Million by 2020 as per Market Survey. Energy storage (LIB and Supercapacitor) application is also expected to be the fastest growing segment, registering a CAGR of 93.2% during the forecast period.

    Technology package: CSIR-CMERI will not provide raw materials and the equipment required for the graphite oxide production, purification, drying, storage, etc.

  • Plasma Disposal of Plastic Waste & Generation of Syngas

    IPR Status: Others

    Level/Skill of Department: Level-8, prototype developed, know how transferred to two number of licensees. It is incorporated for commercial production by one licensee.

    Major raw materials to be utilized : Solid waste, Plasma arc

    Major Equipments: Plasma flame generator, control system, high temperature plasma reactor, cyclone separator, redox reactor, catalytic convertor, cooling tower, booster etc. Rs. 40 lakhs for 01 ton/day

    Status of commercialization:  Technology has been licensed to two Indian Industries  Two number of pilot projects has been taken up by one licensee

    Techno-economic: For a 2 tons/day capacity the Capital investment is 1.2 crore with Pay back of 5 years.

    Technology package: Includes general engineering, operation and maintenance, procedure, vendor list

    TRL: TRL 8

  • Digital Kiosk

    Digital Kiosk

    IPR Status: Design

    Major raw materials to be utilized : Mild Steel

    Major Equipments: Computing Panel, Touch Screen, Printing Panel etc.

    Status of commercialization: Technology Ready for Licensing

    Techno-economic: Available on enquiry basis

    Technology package: Design, Drawing, Bill of materials, Prototype (if required)

    TRL: TRL 7

  • High Speed Interpoint Braille Embosser

    High Speed Interpoint Braille Embosser

    IPR Status: Others

    Status of commercialization: Ready for licensing of technology

    Techno-economic: No Indigenous Braille Embosser available. Available Embossers are provided with poor maintenance support. Thus due to lack of proper infrastructure, there is not enough printing facilities for specially abled peoples.

    Technology package: Technology, Design & drawing, Technical report, Bill Of Materials, technical Know-how

    TRL: TRL 6

  • Iron Removal Filter

    Iron Removal Filter

    IPR Status: Patent

    Status of commercialization: Ready for transfer of Technology

    TRL: TRL 6