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Thesis Supervisions

This document is intended to provide clear and succinct guidelines for graduate students, faculty supervisors, and administrators on issues related to the supervision of graduate theses and research projects. This is an area of critical importance to the University. Undertaking research is an essential component of graduate study. A good supervisory relationship creates a healthy and supportive environment in which students can accomplish their research and scholarly goals . It also creates a positive and productive environment for faculty supervisors. For many faculty members, the research done by their graduate students not only contributes to their personal research programs , it is frequently an indispensable component of it. This document has been prepared by the Office of Research and Graduate Studies, with the support and assistance of the Senate Committee on Graduate Studies. It was undertaken with a view to establishing University - wide policy to guide the supervision of graduate - level research.
The policies and guidelines contained in this document are intended to bring clarity to the expectations and responsibilities of graduate students and supervisors, and to outline procedures for dealing with
conflict and otherwise problematic circumstances in the supervision of graduate research.

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