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Other Gauges and Facilities

A. Micrometers with setting pieces.

B. Vernier Calipers, Height & Depth Gauges, Height Master.

C. Dial Gauge, Test Indicator & Snap Dial Gauge.

D. Screw Plug & Ring Gauges (Parrel & Taper up to 100 mm nominal diameter except square thread).

E. Straight Edge, Surface Plate & Table, Precision Block Level.

F. Slip Gauges (Grade 2, Grade 1 & Grade 0).

G. Length Bars, Angle Gauges, Steel Tape & Scales.

H. Pitch Gauge, Radius Gauge & Feeler Gauge.

I. Engineer's Square, Bevel Protractor, Combination Set, Sine Bars & Clinometers.

J. Plain Plug, Ring Gauges (Parallel & Tapper) & Morse Tapper.

K. Pressure Gauge, Load Measuring Gauge & Vacuum Gauge.

L. Dead-weight Pressure Gauge Tester / Calibrator.

M. Weights, Balances, Hydrometers.

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Last updated : 6 Jan, 2017