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Design Standardization of Grassroots Innovations

Main Objective: The project aims at standardization and value enhancement of Selected Grassroots Innovations comprising of Low cost bamboo wind mill, Kouna mat-weaving machine and low cost sugarcane harvester.

What was achieved: Study of the design features of each individual innovation, after studying the existing innovations, value added in consultation with the individual innovators for each task, Improvement in the design for the entire device, Standardization of the components of the design for each task, manufactured working prototype for each innovations, Laboratory/Field trial for each individual prototype

Project Number:
Project Type:
Project Date:
01/04/2012 to 31/03/2016
Cost of the Project:
Sponsoring Agency:

Deliverables :

Envisaged Achieved
Working prototype for each task Working prototype for each task, technical document

What Next: Technology handed over to NIF as this project was sponsored by CSIR-NIF

Last updated : 17 Jan, 2017