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Pneumatic Precision Planter for Vegetables Crops

To design & develop a Three–row Pneumatic Precision Planter for Vegetable Crops (row crops) suiting to Indian conditions and prevailing agronomic/cultural practices.

Project Number:
GAP026712, P1
Project Type:
Project Date:
20/11/2009 to 31/10/2017
Cost of the Project:
Rs. 64.56 Lakhs
Sponsoring Agency:

Timeliness of operations and efficient use of critical inputs is the key to achieve higher levels of quality and productivity ensuring higher profits. Seeds are the most important and costly input in the modern production of vegetable crops. Consequently, planting for proper plant establishment is one of the key components of production system of vegetable crops. For optimum plant population with the desired planting geometry, uniform distribution and precision placement of seeds/seedlings are the critical parameters. Metering of single seeds at predetermined intervals is carried out by different mechanisms, viz. pneumatic singulation, belt seeding, finger pickup, and horizontal & inclined plates as well as vertical rotors with cells. Out of these mechanisms, pneumatic singulation using suction pressure is the best method for seed singulation of small vegetable seeds. Certain advantages with regard to the selection of single seed.

Name of PI: Dr. Pradeep Rajan

Last updated : 24 Oct, 2017