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Solar Power Tree

Type:  Design
IPR Status:  Patent
Secured In:  India

Received Certificate of Registration of Design from The Patent Office, Govt. of India
Design No.251575 Dated 11/02/2013

Solar SPV method seems to be the only successful method of tapping sun for practical purposes but it consumes vast amount of land surface. Land is the greatest crisis of Earth today. Rotating Solar Power Tree is the perfect solution to the question of availability of the land in the future - It takes up only 1% of space consumed by conventional systems. The “Solar Power Tree” Technology developed in CSIR-CMERI for auto tracking of solar power occupying minimum land space.
Solar Power Tree rotates on its axis with all the solar panels together that generates 10-15% extra power from the sun with direction from East to West. Rotation is given to the solar panels by rotating the trunk of the tree from its root and also by manually.

Salient Technical Competing Features: 


  • It gives 100 times more solar power compared to conventional SPV layout – consumes 1% of land surface for same power.
  • It holds the panels at a higher height – gets more sun.
  • It can be facilitated with water sprinkler at the top of the SPT.
  • Even the paddy lands, agro-gardens, roads or parks can be utilized for production of megawatts of solar power without hampering any cultivation work .
  • It can produce 25% to 30% more power as because - all panels may be rotated by 180⁰ in the afternoon and morning towards the east and the west by an easy mechanism.

• Capacity / Requirement of Power (KWp)
• Height of SPT
• Size and Numbers of Panels
• Wind Pressures
• Steps of Branches
• Phyllotaxi pattern of panels
• Orientation of Panels
• Maintaining Tilt-Angle
• System of tracker incorporation
• Circuit layout for final out-put (Voltage & Current) from SPT On & Off-grid system

Status of Commercialization:  Technology has already been licensed to four Indian Industries
Major Raw Materials To Be Utilized :  Structural Steel Pipes, solar photo voltaic panels, inverter, batteries & necessary wirings
Techno Economic:  The cost of a SPT of 3kw capacity would be around Rs. 3.0 lakhs
Technology Package:  Technology Transfer Documents (TTD) consisting of specifications of Products, Drawings, Design Details etc.
Level/Scale of Development:  Ready for licensing.

Last updated : 20 Oct, 2017