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Director’s Desk

CSIR‐Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute
Mahatma Gandhi Avenue, Durgapur – 713209 [India]

Message from the
Director’s Desk

CSIR-CMERI beDirectoring the premier R&D Institute in the domain of Mechanical Engineering is strategically poised to make an impact in every sphere of the dynamic national and global trends. Public-funded R&D Technology Institutions have a specific mandate of using the tool of Scientific Research to deliver meaningful Societal Impact in a time-bound manner. Tax-funded R&D resources ought to create the necessary societal impact as has been envisioned during its origin. Successful R&D management in the present circumstances heavily depends on the interplay of interactions between Industry, Technology and Society. The collaboration and partnership between Research and Industry can deliver the necessary impact to the most needful sections of the society; thereby help achieve the requisite Institutional Mandate.


The R&D momentum of the Institute has been channelized towards achievement of the most pressing social goals of the time. Primarily, the core focus of the Institute is to influence and make an impact in the domains of Affordable Water Purification Solutions (domestic, mid-range and community-level), Decentralised Municipal Solid and Liquid Waste Management technology, Pandemic Resilience Solutions, Solar Trees & Harvest and Post-Harvest technologies. Since, the Society is throwing up novel challenges owing to the rapidly evolving trends; the R&D approach towards neutralising such challenges is oriented towards embracing an Interdisciplinary approach. The ambit of R&D approaches should transgress the boundaries amongst Policy-Making, Industry and Research.


We have been a firm believer in providing a sound Techno-Economics foundation before deployment of any technology for the society. Decentralised Technology Models has manifold positive ramifications such as technology accessibility in the remotest corners, creating employment hubs in the areas of deployment, reducing logistical costs in comparison to Centralised Technology Models. The intentional shaping of the Decentralised Technology Models in a Cyclical Framework has helped achieve complete Energy Sufficiency for the systems.


The Evaluation Methodology for the Scientific Human Resource of the Institute has been developed in a manner so as to promote the spirit of public and social service through R&D, heighten the sense of self-awareness and appraisal for a comprehensive self-understanding and consequent interventions for improvisations. To gear-up and meet the novel and evolving challenges head-on, the R&D manpower of a Scientific R&D organisation should be sourced from an origin, with an orientation spanning Policy Study, Industry Partnerships and Fundamental Research. Thus, we have intensified Industry interactions through various Industry Meets, Webinars for MSMEs and outreach towards Small Enterprises through Social Media. These efforts have translated itself onto a substantial spike in the performance and business parameters of the Institute.


We have also been a steadfast believer in an Economically Sustainable Managerial Model, whereby the Organisation can function on its own financial resources and thus making it immune from any probable Economic Uncertainties.


The Sports Complex located in the CMERI Residential Colony is a facility built to promote the culture of living a healthy and fitness oriented lifestyle amongst the CMERI Family Members. Besides, the numerous Mural Arts, Artefacts and Aesthetic Up gradation of the Residential Premises are also to achieve a certain degree of Well-Being in the lives of the Colony Residents. The Residential Colony Ecology has also been particularly moulded and shaped to incorporate the principles of an Energy Sufficient, Resource Sufficient and Environmentally Responsible Habitat. In this regard, over a period of the last 5 years the CMERI Residential Colony has witnessed 24x7 Water Sufficiency for its residents and the erratic Electricity Supply have been streamlined to a huge extent. The development of the 11.5 kWp World’s Largest Solar Tree is a testament to the Clean and Green Ideals of CSIR-CMERI. Multiple sustained efforts in this direction are being made to realise the Vision of a Green and Carbon Negative Residential Campus.


The carefully planned and oriented R&D Policy Strategy of the Institute has resulted in multiple awards/honors/recognitions of repute for the members of the CSIR-CMERI Family. Dr. Pranab Samanta, Scientist and Dr. Priyabrata Banerjee, Senior Scientist, were awarded the prestigious ‘Raman Research Fellowship’ for the years 2016-17 and 2019-20 respectively. Dr. Ravi Kant Jain, Principal Scientist, was awarded the M.P. Bawa National Award for the year 2016. Dr. N.C. Murmu, was awarded the ‘Vasavik Industrial Research Award’ in the year 2015.


CSIR-CMERI won the CSIR Technology Award 2017 for the development of ‘Community Level Iron Removal Plant’. Dr. Prasenjit Das, Dr. Abhiram Hens and Dr. Shikha won the CSIR Young Scientist Award for the year 2017, 2018 and 2019 respectively. Dr. Prasenjit Das received the IEI Young Engineer Award 2019 ISCA Young Scientist Award 2019 and received the Indian Institute of Metals (IIM) Young Metallurgist Award 2019. Dr. N.C. Murmu, was elected as Fellow of Indian National Academy of Engineering in 2019. Dr. Soumen Mandal, Senior Scientist, CSIR-CMERI received the IEI Young Engineers Award 2019. CSIR-CMERI, Durgapur got the First prize (Presidential shield) for the best implementation of Official Language in 2018.


CSIR-CMERI believes that the Youth of the Nation will be the Driving-Force towards making India an Economic Powerhouse. Thus, the Skill Development Programs and Technology Pricing Profile have been crafted towards up skilling the Youth and empowering the Start-Ups with immense potential to make a tremendous impact. In this direction, numerous Knowledge Sharing exercises have been conducted by CMERI for numerous students from different Schools/Colleges/Polytechnic Institutions etc under the aegis of the Jigyasa Program.


The CRTDH was also created to provide a platform for these potential young minds and nurture their passion for achieving academic/professional excellence. This Incubation Hub will help in giving a hope and aid the young minds to achieve their objectives which otherwise would have been tough for them. The intensively developed feedback based R&D focus of the Institute has created a Robust Knowledge Pool which needs to be disseminated to bolster the prospects of the Youth and render them competitive in their sphere. In this direction, the Institute Workshop, which also has the privilege to house state-of-the-art equipment, has been opened-up for the MSMEs to facilitate the realisation of their goals, at rationalised rates. This would unburden the MSMEs from purchasing such huge-cost inventory and help them focus towards their goals.


The dual-force of Impact Investment & Technology Innovations can unfold the immense potential that our Great Nation possesses.

Jai Hind!

[Prof. Harish Hirani]

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