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  • Integrated Waste management for Municipal Solid waste

    IPR Status: Others

  • Automatic Biomass Briquetting Machine

    IPR Status: Others

  • Design and development of kitchen waste biogas plant

    IPR Status: Others

  • Production of Biodiesel from Tung Seeds in North East India

    IPR Status: Others

  • Plasma Arc assisted Safe Disposal of Hospital Solid Waste Disposal Plant

    IPR Status: Patent

    Level/Skill of Department: Capacity of the plasma gasifier of existing HSW plant: 15 kg/h. The technology has been successfully deployed and running smoothly with a capacity of 15kg/hr load capacity and installed at CSIR-CMERI premises.

    Major Equipments: Plasma gasifier, Secondary chamber, Plasma electrode, Gas cleaning unit is comprised of redox reactor, catalytic converter, scrubber, condenser, booster drive, Chimney

    Status of commercialization: Under active progression

    Techno-economic: For developing the 15 kg/h plant, an amount of Rs. 30 lakhs is required for procurement of accessories and a recurring amount of Rs. 10 lakhs is required for annual maintenance.

    Technology package: The package will include: Detail drawing of each component of the HSW disposal system. A compete lay out of the integrated system comprised of plasma gasifier, secondary chamber, gas handling system, chimney. Quantity of Materials and their specifications

  • Smart Car Parking Slot Identification

    IPR Status: Others

    Level/Skill of Department: The technology has been successfully demonstrated for 35 Parking lots widely distributed at CSIR-CMERI office and residential campus

    Major Equipments: Sensor suite, Embedded Controller boards, Ethernet Shields, Single Board Computer with peripherals, Ethernet router

    Status of commercialization: Yet to be commercialized

    Techno-economic: For each parking lot sensors suite and electronics would cost approx Rs 7,000,For 50 parking lots it would cost approx Rs 50x7000,Considering a paid parking with Rs 50/ 2 hr parking charges and considering atleast 100 cars getting parked in 1 day

    Technology package: Electronic circuit layout, Layout of sensors, electronics and related hardware for the parking slot, Control algorithm and Android app codes, Bill of Materials and their specifications

  • Multi-Fab Micro Fabrication Machine

    IPR Status: Design

  • Intelligent and Powered Wheel Chair

    IPR Status: Design

  • Production of ethanol from waste starchy biomass using locally available biocatalyst

    IPR Status: Others

  • Prismatic Solar Tree (1kWp)

    IPR Status: Design