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Quality Policy


Research and Development Activities to ensure satisfaction of customers regarding quality, delivery and cost of our technology and services, enabling them to guarantee performance to the end-user of the resultant products in terms of function, life-cycle cost and safety through continual improvement of the quality management system.



  • Be a Centre of excellence and the forerunner of new technologies.
  • Be a customer driven R&D organization focused, agile and innovative.
  • Train, motivate and provide growth–oriented environment to our employee and encourage creativity and team-work to achieve peak performance.
  • Network with industries, other R&D and academic organizations and competent individuals to synergize efforts.
  • Ensure competitiveness of our technology and services through continual improvement.
  • Provide complete technology package comprising design and manufacturing know-how, consultancy and training, wherever necessary
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Last updated : 5 Feb, 2018