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Last updated : 16 Nov, 2023

Information Technology Group

IT Group is dedicated in providing quality IT services, quality trainings and undertaking research projects in niche area of the field. We play a vital role in supporting the Insitutute to achieve its mandated R&D and national goals with the help of Scientists, Staff members and visiting students. We offer various technical expert services to the Institute and outside clients in the area of Internet of Things, Computer networking, Software development, IT related trainings, Surveillance systems, and many more.

We make every effort to respond to all received queries to the IT Group within one business day, and aim to respond to the urgent cases faster.


IT Group is an important pillar of the Institute, catering to the needs of different Groups, Divisions and Sections of CSIR-CMERI. Major Activities of IT Group includes:

  • Internet Connectivity to all Scientists, Staff and Students of CMERI.
  • Intranet based service facility through merinet.cmeri.res.in.
  • Video Conferencing facility.
  • Database creation/Maintenance.
  • Website Maintenance, Bulletin Board, Career related Notice
  • E-mail and Messaging System.
  • Institutional Repositories.
  • Trainings to various students of college and universities.
  • Digital India sponsored project design and implementation
  • IT related research and consultancy projects

Division Head

Dr. Rajesh P. Barnwal Ph.D. (IIT-Kharagpur), M.Tech. (IIT-Kharagpur)

Principal Scientist

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Technical Staffs

Mr. Ajoy Kuchlyan

Technical Officer

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Mr. Pratyush Kumar Pal

Technical Officer

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Mr. Sourav Nandan Diploma

Technical Officer

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The IT Group has wide expertise in state-of-the-art technologies. Following activities are the primary mandates of the group:

  • Data centre to provide support to IT services in the lab.
  • National Knowledge Network (NKN) internet connectivity of 1 Gbps and MPLS leased connectivity.
  • In-house set up, configuration and system administration of linux based servers including mail, web, proxy server, DHCP, DNS, Intranet, Database and data Back-up to facilitate IT services.
  • Facility management of Servers, Thin-clients, Desktops, Laptops, Printers, Scanners etc. at Office, Medical centre, Estate Office, Guest House and Academic Complex.
  • A gigabit fibre optics backbone for campus wide highly redundant network for 24x7 data connectivity to computers, servers, laptops, CCTV cameras, attendance machines, printers and other scientific instruments.
  • Campus-wide highly secured unified WiFi connectivity named MERI-Fi.
  • Planning for upgradation and distributions of corporate LAN (Local Area Network) facilities in the campus.
  • Maintenance of Intranet (MERINet) and Official website of CSIR-CMERI.
  • Security solutions including a Unified Threat Management (UTM) system for multi-level firewall, anti-virus and anti-spam solutions.
  • Management and Operation of Centralized Video Conference facility.
  • Guidance and Supervision of various university students for their vacation training and thesis work
  • Different kinds of IT related trainings and research projects
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