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General purpose:

Mr. U.S. Patkar, Secretary Staff Club: 9232243496

Mr. Chandresh Kumar, Jt. Secretary, Organizing Committee:8637807114


Games and Spots:

Dr. Sambhunath Nandy, Chairperson, Tournament Committee:9434104242

Dr. Ranjit Ray, Co-Chairperson, Tournament Committee: 9434668089



Dr. Naresh Chandra Murmu, Chairperson, Food Committee: 8016096858

Dr. A.L. Lohar, Co-Chairperson, Food Committee: 9474358301


Accommodation and Transport:

Mr. P.K. Sahu, Chairperson, Accommodation and Transport Committee: 9474020682

Mr. J.P. Maji, Convenor, Accommodation:9474538708

Mr. Subrata Roy, Co-Convenor, Accommodation: 

Mr. Manoj Biswal, Convenor, Transport: 9547568340



Cultural Program,  Innaguration and validictory function:

Mr. S.Y. Pujar, Chairperson, Inaguration/validictory/cultural function committee: 7908543490


Help Desk:

Mrs. Munmun Gupta, Chairperson, Reception and registration Committee:9434156675

Ms. Rimjhim Bose, Convenor, Reception and registration Committee: 9232397449



Website management:

Dr. Rajesh Barnwal: 9832726694


Security and safety:

Dr. Bibhuti Ghosh, Chairperson, Security and Safety Committee:9474546419

Mr. R.S. Kanwal, Convenor, Security and Safety Committee:9434022953



Dr. Swati Saha, Chairperson, Medical Committee: 9434332425

Last updated : 7 Dec, 2018