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Last updated : 9 Aug, 2020

A Halbach Array of Rectangular Magnets and method of construction thereof to form Electrodynamic Radial Bearings

Application Number: 202011001826

Filing Date: 15 January 2020

Inventors: Dr. Naresh Chandra Murmu Dr. Pranab Samanta Mr. Deepak Kumar Bhakta


It is an object underlying the invention to develop electrodynamic bearing (EDB) having larger loads carrying capacity with minimum cost and flexible mounting system for supporting an electrically conductive rotor. This object is resolved by forming rectangular shape bearing with rectangular magnets arranged in halbach array to strengthen the magnetic flux in the bearing with minimum number of permanent magnets kept in split housing system joined by a guided pin for easy assembling and disassembling as well as joining two interfaces acted upon repulsive forces in Halbach array using metal strip of magnetic material which helps to create continuous azimuthal magnetic path. In principle, the levitation force is generated when the eddy current induced in a conductor rotating in varying magnetic field creates its own magnetic field opposing to the magnet’s field. In other words, the bearing according to the invention does not require any costly control systems, power electronics or sensors.

Patent Type: Filed

Place of Patent: India