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Last updated : 10 Aug, 2020

A novel adsorbent composition for defluoridation of groundwater and a process for the preparation thereof

Application Number: 201911048285

Filing Date: 26 November 2019

Inventors: Dr. Harish Hirani Dr. Asit Kumar Batabyal Dr. Priyabrata Banerjee

Other Inventors: Somrita Nag, Udayan Mondal


The present invention reveals the effectiveness of a novel geomaterial, the blackish white china clay (BWCC), as an adsorbent in the defluoridation of groundwater and the process thereof. The use of BWCC, available in Birbhum district, West Bengal is cost effective, non-toxic, and environmentally compassionate. The primary mineralogical constituent of BWCC is Kaolinite, mainly composed of Al2O3 (41.714%), SiO2 (49.831%) with minor to trace amounts of Na, Mg, P, S, K, Ca, Ti, Cr, Mn, Fe, Ni, Cu, and Zr. The thermal activation of BWCC leads to the formation of metakaolinite, resulting in a loss of crystallinity and a concomitant change in aluminum coordination from octahedral to tetrahedral. This enhances the fluoride adsorption capacity about three times than the unmodified BWCC. The efficient fluoride adsorption has been justified by FT-IR, EDAX and surface area analysis. Thermally moduled blackish white china clay (TM-BWCC) along with activated alumina (AA), sand (S) and activated carbon (AC) in an optimum ratio of 2:4:1:1 (AA:TM-BWCC:S:AC) can be used as cartridges in filter units for mitigation  of excess fluoride of water. After exhaustion of lifetime, the regeneration of the adsorbent (TM-BWCC) is executed by treated with 10% HCl.

Patent Type: Filed

Place of Patent: India