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Rotary drum washer for ginger and turmeric

Type:  Product
IPR Status:  Others
Secured In:  India

Continuous hopper-fed washing of freshly harvested ginger and turmeric

Salient Technical Competing Features: 
  • Perforated rotary drum with spray nozzles to wash intricate-shaped ginger and turmeric
  • Uniform washing @ 500 kg/hr.
  • Recirculation of the used water with mud filter and pump

No such existing technology is found on search. Manual washing of such intricate shapes is next to impossible for large scale application.

Environmental Consideration: 

Reduces human drudgery and consequent environmental pollution by automatic washing in an enclosed vessel. Recirculation of the used water conserve the natural resource.

Content Details: 

IPR Details :

Copyright application filed on 18-11-2008; Reference No: IPMG / Copyright / 2008 / 05.
Application filed for Indian Patent on 28-06-2010; Reference No. 0151NF2009.

Level/Scale of Development:  Prototype developed, successfully tested and technological knowhow transferred on non-exclusive basis.

Last updated : 20 Oct, 2017