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Completed my schooling from Convent High School, Baroda. Represented Gujarat state in Badminton in the year 1979. Studied at National Institute of Technology, Surat in Electrical Engineering and subsequently completed M. Tech and PhD from NIT, Durgapur. Takes keen interest in sports and politics.


Significant Research Projects:

(1)  Development of Automatic Fruit Sorting and Grading Machine.

Traditionally, fruits need to be washed, graded and sorted before packaging which not only reduces time-to-market but also involves error prone manual visual inspection. The developed automated Fruit Sorting and Grading Machine automates the entire operation-flow through different modules like washing unit, drying unit, orientation unit and grading unit. The innovative contribution in this project is the application of gyration principle in rotating the fruits in a desired axis and introduction of various mechanical & automation techniques, also reflected in publications & patents granted in India & abroad.

(2) Development of Cereal Cake Machine (CCM)

Western fast-food is occupying the Indian food market and our younger generations are practically unknown to ethnic food. Project CCM was conceived primarily to popularize the ethnic traditional food items in which semi-processed food items were made by indigenous automated machineries. Maintaining a high nutrient value of the food, the finished product is packed to have a shelf-life of 3 to 4 days without adding any preservatives.

(3) Development of Nanotechnology based Gas Sensor.

Semiconductor gas sensor was fabricated with the help of nano particles of Zinc Oxide to detect a number of hydrocarbon gases. Its ability to detect multiple gases (made by sensing different gasses at different temperature), makes the sensor novel. Main application targeted was online health monitoring of power transformer by dissolved gas analysis.  Use of nanotechnology not only increased the sensitivity of the sensor but also reduced total cost.

(4) Societal Projects

       (i) Automatic card punching machine for 304 hook Jacquard loom- used for Baluchari    sarees in Bankura, WB.

       (ii)  Development of portable, energy efficient lamp using pedal charger.

       (iii) Solar aided cold-store using phase change material to be used for agro products like fruits and vegetables.


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Educational career: PhD

Phone : 0343-6452031(Office) 0343-2545035(Residence) 9434720494(Mobile)

E-mail :anjali[at]cmeri[dot]res[dot]in