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Last updated : 7 Jul, 2017

Video Based Contact Angle Goniometer

Contact Angle system (OCA)

The contact angle measuring system is primarily used to study the automatic measurements of the wetting behavior of the solid and as well as for series tests and systematic surface analysis. It consists of an automatic video based contact angle measuring system with a multiple dosing unit and fully software controlled contact angle measurements, Surface free energy and Surface and Interfacial tension measurements. The sessile drop contact angle is measured by a contact angle goniometer using an optical subsystem to capture the profile of a pure liquid on a solid substrate. This system employ high resolution cameras and software to capture and analyze the contact angle. It also employs pendent drop method to measure surface and interfacial tension. These measurements provide a sensitive probe of the nature of the terminal functional groups of thin films. Wettability varies with both the completeness of the monolayer and its degree of order as well as with the polarity of the monolayer surface functional groups.