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Last updated : 26 Oct, 2017

Feasibility study of graphene based PCM cooling for battery thermal management system

Thermal issues associated with the batteries are of great concern as cell temperature significantly affects the performance, life, and safety of batteries. Thermal behaviour is often characterized by an increase in performance and a decrease in life and safety as temperature increases beyond the typical operating range. Additionally, cycling generates a certain amount of heat that must be rejected from the module to maintain its temperature in the preferred range. Several battery thermal management systems (BTMS) using various techniques have been studied to meet this purpose, each with various advantages and disadvantages depending on the application.

The idea of using Phase Change Materials (PCM) for passive thermal management of devices is to use of the latent heat of a phase change, usually between the solid and the liquid state. A phase change involves a large amount of latent energy at small temperature changes, so PCMs can be used for storing heat with large energy densities in combination with small temperature changes. Passive thermal management using PCMs is suitable for applications where heat dissipation is intermittent or transient. PCMs such as paraffin wax typically have low thermal conductivity, so the applications of PCMs are limited to environments with a low heat transfer rate. During last few years, several researches have showed that thermal conductivity of paraffin wax can be improved by incorporating EG into the wax matrix. Alternatively, the thermal conductivity of the phase change material can be increased by incorporating the high thermal conductivity materials such as graphene. Hence, the main objective of the present project is performance testing of graphene based phase change material for passive thermal management of lead acid batteries.

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01/09/2016 to 31/08/2017
Name of PI: Dr. Bittagopal Mondal